Trading The GBP/AUD (Great British Pound/Australian Dollar)

The GBP/AUD (Great British Pound/Australian Dollar) is the relation of the Great British Pound against the Australian Dollar. The GBP/AUD cross currency gives one the possibility to convert British Pound’s directly into Australian Dollar’s (1 GBP per x AUD).

Forex Knowledge: Trading the Great British Pound/Australian Dollar

  • Typical broker spread: 4-9 pips
  • Most active trading sessions: Euro and US session / GBP & AUD economic events
  • Most active trading hours: 5:00 GMT -17:30 GMT
  • Average daily range (high-low): 171 pips
  • Trading strategies to trade GBP/AUD: Click here
  • Recommended level of trading experience: Expert
  • Value of one pip GBP/AUD: Variable

Economic Events That Move GBP/AUD


Current Account
Trade Balance
Non EU Trade Balance
Visible Trade Balance
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
NIESR GDP Estimate
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
BOE Rate Decision
Bank of England Meeting Minutes


Trade Balance
Current Account
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Retail Trade
RBA Rate Decision
RBA Governor Speaks

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