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Learn various techniques and methods to improve your forex trading experience.

Forex strategies using Dow Theory

Introduction – Technical analysis is one of the most widely used methods in analyzing historical price data to arrive at future trends. Though the concept of technical analysis dates back to the 1740’s when Japanese traders used candlestick chart patterns to predict trends in agro- commodities such as rice, Charles H. Dow is credited with […]

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How to Chase a Trade

Hello traders! This week I would like to take a look at the possibility that you missed a terrific entry on a trade, but you are still confident in the eventual destination. How far are you willing to “chase” the trade? Looking at the following chart, we have several possible entries for a short EURUSD […]

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Make Your Own Forex Index

Hello traders! In every Forex class I teach at Online Trading Academy, we discuss certain “odds enhancers” that can help us in our trading. These odds enhancers on a chart include trendline or moving average intersections with supply and demand levels, divergences from price with indicators/oscillators, candlestick patterns, etc., etc. Another set of odds enhancers […]

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Tired of Being Too Early or Late?

So you’ve analyzed the charts and have decided that your currency pair is trading at the right location for a possible reversal – a clear level of supply or demand. The questions in the back of most traders’ minds are, “Will this level hold? Am I too early?” This is where multiple time frame analysis […]

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Trading with Clouds – Fast and Effective

This article introduces the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, an award winning Japanese technical indicator which can be used to trade currencies, commodities, futures, and stocks. Ichimoku means: one glance, Kinko means: equilibrium (or balance), and Hyo means: chart, which reads “one glance equilibrium chart”, describing how traders can very quickly discern price action of an asset, […]

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