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How to control the forex risk factor?

There many risks involved with forex trading, just like other commodities trading. The risks can be very high and if knowledge is lacking substantial loses can occur. Research and investigating is required before forex trading. Learn the ABC’s of forex currency trading first. Only buy what you can afford, don’t get yourself in over your […]

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Consistency Tips for Experienced Traders

As with all ventures, consistency is what leads to success.In business,the consistency of profit depends on the consistency of client return (this is also achieved through a consistent supply of high quality products or services). Forex trading should also be considered as a business venture in order to achieve success. When you’re already experienced in […]

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Useful Preparations for Forex Beginners

Foreign exchange trading requires people to invest money to gain money- like any other investment vehicle. One has to be careful in how they manage their investment in order to minimize loss and increase gain. The technical knowledge in forex trading can be learned through courses and tutorials as well as through hands-on experience. Know […]

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Trust The Process Not The Price

When I was at the FX expo in Las Vegas last week, I found myself in the refreshing position of being in audience rather than the stage as my friend Todd Gordon hosted a panel on the joys and tribulations of FX trading. So instead of pontificating, I listed for change and walked away with […]

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The 1% Solution

“How do I a make money in the currency market?” is something that I hear all the time whenever I meet retail traders just starting to explore FX. The truth of the matter is that there is no good answer to that question. Trading FX is such an individual pursuit that there are literally hundreds […]

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Choosing the Right Trading Indicator

A major concern of newer traders is which is the best indicator for them to use in their trading. Also, they want to know if indicators broken down into beginning, intermediate and advanced trading categories? Personally, I don’t think of indicators as being beginning, intermediate and advanced or this one is the best and this […]

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What I learned from FX All Stars

This week Kathy and I hosted a series of webinars for some of the best know traders in the FX business. Although I was the MC for the event  I actually enjoyed being a member of the audience as each speaker made his presentation. The range of talent was remarkable, all the more so because […]

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