Best Ranked and Most Trusted Forex Brokers for 2017!

Here’s our list of the top #3 currency trading brokers for 2017 – based on performance, reliability, honesty, tools, execution speed, customer support and client reviews.

Top #3 Forex Brokers
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Investors are keen on trading on the best ranked forex brokers, which should be every trader’s delight not withstanding whether you fall into the category of a newbie, intermediate or advanced trader.

All FX brokerages, not minding whether they’re regulated or not regulated, make themselves open for business with products and services that serves their traders interest.

Traders are increasingly on the lookout for the best and most secure brokers, in a bid to improve their trading experience.

The selection process is usually a daunting one, but it’s worthwhile once you have the understanding that it is a make or mar decision you’re carrying out.

You’re about to fully grasp what the best ranked forex brokers should look like, by just following our tips and heading to our recommendations.

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The best ranked currency trading brokers should appeal to traders in a manner that takes into consideration their need for a reliable trading platform along with technical tools, maximum leverage, customer support, the list of tradable assets and of course transaction fees.

The concept of transaction fee remains a dodgy one in the currency trading world, due to the narrative surrounding brokers that charge commission and others who don’t.

This is just one reason why trader’s lookout for the best ranked forex brokers, even so the presence of numerous brokers out there, a lot of which are licensed or unlicensed makes it even more complex.

A good list of the best ranked forex brokers should consider firms that are licensed by the National Futures Association, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CySEC and other reputable regulatory bodies.

For those that are aware of the enormous risks involved in trading currencies online and still remain unperturbed about joining the bandwagon, it’ll be wise of them to start off by getting companies that will offer them free demo accounts, so as they can test the market using paper money.

What Interest Do We Have With Top Forex Brokers?

We are aware of the mammoth task involved in filtering through to get a reliable forex trading partner and we are also aware that a lot of people do not want to be told just by anyone which broker to trade with and where to register.

This is the best place for you to get all the required information that is needed by every trader to help them pick the best broker for online currency trading.

We have a dedicated team that simply has all the experience you can think of in the forex industry.

Our team is comprised mostly of former traders who have vast experience and skills when spotting competent brokers and also when rating them.

Our ability to rate brokers is done to reflect the broker’s reputation, coupled with feedback gotten from real clients gathered from reliable forums and websites.

This is the plus we offer, considering that we put out our expert opinion in line with the opinions of other clients regarding the listed brokerage firms.

The Best Trading Firms – How They Stack Up?

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to find the best ranked forex broker or you seek to have a list of all the top rated trading firms, you should have it behind the back of your mind that the list of brokers is quite lengthy and to have them all listed here might just be absolutely clumsy.

There’s need for every trader to map out their own approach in which they can use to pinpoint competent brokers, hence once you come across a review, you can then apply your methodology as to if they fall into place (trustworthy) or out of place (fraudulent).

Developing such an approach shouldn’t be much of a task when you stick to our parameters, then you’re sure of registering with the best ranked trading brokers in the world.

Expect nothing but the following from the best ranked FX brokers:


If your trading firm is headquartered in a country with well-developed financial regulation, this is a plus, considering that the financial infrastructure of the base country can frequently help you recover your funds if issues come up.

Ensure that you cross check the head office of the broker even if the address on their website looks valid. If you eventually send your funds to an online broker in a less-regulated environment like Panama or Belize, then you might be in for a shocker in no distant time.


There’s nothing as important as choosing a broker that is regulated, as they have statutory measures that they must abide and adhere to.

Such measures are usually not enacted by the brokers, rather specialized bodies are mandated to do such.

These bodies are endorsed by government or other regional authorities. For instance, best ranked brokers in Cyprus get the nod from CySEC.

If a broker fails to be licensed by these bodies, this usually implies that such broker isn’t reputable.


Reputation is a key ingredient that defines brokers and this is dependent on a lot of things, obviously the image of a brokerage firm goes a long way in defining her.

Any broker that fails in showing itself to be reputable will obviously see negative reviews expressed about its products and services both online and offline.

Once a company is tainted with bad reputation, they’re hard to take back especially in the Forex industry.


Every brokerage website needs to offer adequate levels of security to its customers. This is generally classified under a term SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

If we put aside the technical jargon, have it in mind that a website that does not have the right security encryption is more prone to being hacked and you losing your personal details to criminal i.e. hackers.

This visibly has other negative implications. It is wise to stay off Forex brokers who offer minimal website security.

Best Forex Trading Software (MT4)

Every top forex broker must have a solid trading platform that will aid its customers adequately place orders in the market.

In most cases, brokers who do not deploy known trading software get ignored by a good number of traders, especially newbies.

Well, newbies seem to be quite inexperienced and as such the reliability of a trading platform might just tilt them in or out.

Some of the best FX brokerages seemed to be powered by innovative software solutions like MetaTrader 4.

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Asides this, traders are increasingly seeking for tailored solutions and demand trading software that have mobile/tablet versions.

The round-the-clock nature of the forex market demands constant monitoring and traders want to do this even while on the go.

This implies that a broker is required to offer the traditional desktop experience and good mobile apps as well.

Payment System

When a forex broker offers a variety of payment processes, this is a good sign for the clients. Payment systems are known to affect both the client’s profitability and investments.

You need to deposit in cash into your brokerage account before trading, as such the brokerage firm has to offer you a means to which this can be done.

If such methods are not suitable enough, clients will in turn be unable to fund their trading account.

We are aware from experience that the more the variety of payment systems offered by a broker, the better. This means a trader is able to pick what works best for him/her.

Some of the most common payment systems include credit or debit cards, along with the use of bank wire transfers.

To spice things up, brokers are known to include e-payment systems such as Netteller, Skrill, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, WebMoney, etc.

Forex Pairs

The best companies will offer their clients a wide number of tradable asset i.e. currency pairs.

Standard FX pairs like the Euro/Dollar are present in all brokerages, others such as the exotic pairs like the dollar/Swiss franc and the dollar/lira should also be included.

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This is done largely due to the opportunity it creates to diversify ones portfolio that such wide basket will normally offer, thereby limiting volatility risk exposure within a particular currency.


Clients will look at a broker’s bonus offering as an indicator to determine whether the broker is competent or not.

Although, I’m not of the opinion that bonuses should be used to gauge a broker’s reputation, offering massive bonus as a means to lure more customers is a red flag anytime.

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The massive bonus offering is a trap that we must not fall into, yet our opinion should not be formed solely on this.

Client Interaction

One intriguing aspect of reliable brokers is their willingness to allow traders interact with one another via a feature that is known as “Social Trading.” It allows clients interact, share trading strategies, and also the ability to copy trades.

So you identify a client that is doing well based on their trading history, and you replicate their open positions. This feature is fast gaining popularity among best ranked Forex brokers.

Customer Support

There’s always a need to talk to your trading broker time to time and you don’t want to be faced with a broker that has a terrible customer support line.

This is somewhat frustrating for anyone and can lead to positions entering the red or outright losing of such positions.

Some of the best companies have customer support that are comprised of seasoned experts, who are poised to respond to financial problems as they arise.

Most firms will ensure they have customer support in different languages, thus meeting the needs of their diverse client base.

For example, XM customer support speaks 20 different languages and serve traders from over 195 countries worldwide.

They will strive to offer 24/7 customer support services, this is crucial for them and their clients, as it allows them stay in tune with their customers at all times.

Essentially, all of these will make more sense if the customer help desk is polite in its method of communication, not minding if such methods are via telephone calls, fax, email, live chats or even on the broker’s social media handles.


The best companies tend to be financially buoyant i.e. they are adequately capitalized. This is a sign that your money will stay secured with a broker that has massive financial backing.

You’ll find them displaying the relationship they have with their parent company or trusted owners, as a way of disclosing their financial strength.

This information can also be sought after with regulatory bodies, who will usually publish annual statistics on the capital funding for their licenses on their website. Brokers that hold client’s funds in a segregated account at Tier-One banks, offer better funds safety.

How to Locate The Best Forex Brokers Online

Every trader is unique in their own way, making it impossible to have one trading company that satisfies every trader’s requirements for an online forex broker.

It is important therefore to find one that has tailored its products and services to suit you. Know your requirements and go for the brokerage that meets them.


Some guidance from family, friends or other helpful folks that are already into active currency trading will be a huge boost.

They’ll surely offer you broker names, along with useful tips to proceed with.

Never underestimate the help you’ll get on this channel, considering their vast experiences and know-how.


There are tons of reviews online and even so, some websites are dedicated towards providing specialized services that tilt towards reviews and recommendations for brokers that they have on their list.

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The reviews are concise and summarized in most cases, thereby saving you the vast amount of time you would have spent doing them individually.

Imagine if you’re told a broker is profitable, you jump in on your first reaction to open an account with them.

Subsequently, as you try to deposit funds, you then discover this company has your country of residence on its blacklist.

Well, you would have saved yourself all that precious time and trouble if you had gone through the review.

Due Diligence

Carry out a personal research to find out the best forex broker for you. This is exhilarating considering the amount of research time required, but it is worthwhile at the long run.

How do you carry out a personal due diligence?

You can start off by visiting forums that houses currency traders who discuss periodically topics around brokers and you can investigate them one at a time.

There are also rating pages that display expert opinions on trading platform, technical tools, withdrawal policies, and a lot more.

Once you make a personal broker list of 10 – 20 brokerage firms, you can visit their websites to further validate your concerns.

There are so many variables to have at the back of your mind when picking the best ranked broker for online currency trading.

While no one metric will define a good platform, each has to be considered alongside the others.

The end product of this will be an opportunity to get the best trading firm tailored around your distinctive needs.

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