Candlestick Open Prediction MT4 Indicator

The Knight Candle developped by Mark Guergues and Andrei Knight gives you an indication where the price is likely to trade right after the open. It does not tell you how the candlestick is likely to close. Use in conjunction with other tools to trade with the overall trend. Used symbols: Red circled “0” – bearish outside candle, Red circled “0” – bearish inside candle, Green circled”0″ – bullish outside candle, Green circled”0″ – bullish inside candle, Orange circle: tweezers open.

Download link: Click here to download the Knight CandleWatcher.ex4 indicator 

Candlestick Open Prediction Indicator Chart Example (EURUSD H1)


Platform: Metatrader 4

Indicator type: Candlestick Prediction