Simpler Trend Forex Indicator

The Simpler Trend forex indicator is trend following and can be used on any instrument in Metatrader 4. Green bars represent an up trend while red bars a down trend.

This indicator works best in trending markets and less in sideways markets.

Therefore look at the bigger picture first or combine the Simpler Trend MT4 indicator with other technical analysis indicators or funadamental analysis.

Indicator Preferences

Instruments: Any MT4 instrument ( forex pairs, BitCoin, Metals, CFD’s,..)

Technical indicator type: Trend following

Time frames: Any

Trading sessions: Any

Trading platform: Metatrader 4


Download the Simpler Trend.mq4 indicator.

 GBP/USD, M5 Chart Example

Basic Trading Signals From This Indicator

Buy signal: Open buy at green candlestick (bullish)

Sell signal: Open sell at red candlestick (bearish)

Free Download

Download the Simpler Trend.mq4 indicator.

 Configurable Indicator Options

Averarage period (30), Sensitivity (3.0), Alerts,…