Super Bollinger Bands Forex Indicator

The Super Bollinger Bands Indicator for Metatrader 4 elevates the Bollinger Bands concept, charting all Bollinger bands while simultaneously computing upper, middle, and lower Bollinger Band values.

Regarded as one of the most sophisticated and effective tools for crafting trend-following strategies, it is typically set with default values of (20, 2.0).

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Click here to download the superbollinger band mt4.ex4 indicator

It adds a few key features to the classic Bollinger Bands:

  1. Adaptive Width: Super Bollinger Bands adjust their width in response to market volatility. During periods of high volatility, the bands widen, and during periods of low volatility, they contract. This dynamic adaptation can provide more accurate signals.
  2. Multi-Timeframe Compatibility: The Super Bollinger Bands Indicator allows traders to overlay multiple timeframes, making it suitable for both short-term and long-term trading strategies. This feature helps traders gain a better perspective on price movements.
  3. Volatility Filtering: Traders can customize the Super Bollinger Bands to filter out price fluctuations caused by minor volatility. This filtering can help traders focus on significant price movements and potential trading opportunities.

Super Bollinger Bands Metatrader 4 Indicator Chart Example (USDJPY M30 )


How to Use the Super Bollinger Bands Indicator

To utilize the Super Bollinger Bands Indicator effectively, traders should follow these steps:

  1. Setting the Parameters: Traders can customize the Super Bollinger Bands by adjusting the period, shift, and standard deviation settings to match their trading style and preferences.
  2. Identifying Entry and Exit Points: The indicator can be used to identify potential entry and exit points. When the price approaches the upper band and starts to reverse, it might signal a good time to sell. Conversely, when the price approaches the lower band and reverses, it might indicate a buying opportunity.
  3. Combining with Other Indicators: Many traders combine the Super Bollinger Bands with other technical indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) or Moving Averages to confirm signals and improve the accuracy of their trades.
  4. Risk Management: Always implement effective risk management strategies, such as setting stop-loss orders, to protect your capital.


The Super Bollinger Bands Forex Indicator (MT4) is a valuable tool that enhances the classic Bollinger Bands, providing traders with a dynamic and adaptable tool to navigate the forex markets.

By understanding how it works and using it in conjunction with other technical indicators, traders can make more informed trading decisions and improve their chances of success.

However, like any trading tool, the Super Bollinger Bands Indicator should be used in conjunction with a solid trading plan and proper risk management to mitigate potential losses.