3D Oscillator Metatrader 4 Indicator

The 3D oscillator indicator for MT4 oscillates between +127 and -134. Extremely overbought values can be found at 120 and above. Extremely oversold values can be found at -120 and below. How to trade? Trade in the direction of the main trend. In an up … Read more

FBS Fisher Metatrader 4 Indicator

FBS Fisher is an oscillator MT 4 type indicator. Green colored bars indicate a up trend while red colored bars indicate a down trend in the market. Yellow colored bars generally indicate a weak or range-bound trend. Use in conjunction with trend following indicators, such … Read more

Schaff Trend Cycle MT4 Forex Indicator

The Schaff Trend Cycle is a leading forex oscillator indicator that generates buy signals when the signal line crosses up from below 20 to above 20 or sell signals when the signal line crosses down from above 80 to below 80. Download link: Click here … Read more

Forex Forecaster MT4 Forex Indicator

Shift from green to red color indicates a possible sell signal while a shift from red to green indicates a possible forex buy signal. Use in conjunction with a trending indicator to trade in the overall up or down direction of the trend, avoiding most … Read more

ASCTrendCycle MT4 Forex Indicator

ASCTrendCycle indicator oscillates between +110 and 0. Extreme trading values: +110 is considered to be overbought while 0 oversold (see chart). Use in conjunction with trending indicators to generate more accurate trading signals in the overall direction of the trend. Download link: Click here to … Read more

Elliott Wave Oscillator Forex Indicator

Elliott Wave prediction tool for Metatrader 4. The price is considered to be bullish above the 0 line and bearish below 0. Download link: Click here to download the Elliott_Wave_Oscillator.mq4 indicator  Elliott Wave Oscillator Chart Example (EURUSD M15) Platform: Metatrader 4 Indicator type: Elliott Wave

Laquerre MT4 Forex Indicator

The Laquerre indicator is among the best forex oscillators on the currency market today. It oscillates between 2 extreme levels, 0 and 1.05. Oversold level: 0.15, overbought level: 0.75. In uptrends, look to go long at 0.15 or below. In downtrends, look to go short … Read more