Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

Trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your home is a dream job that needs a powerful strategy. The Cryptocurrency trading strategy is designed to provide you with powerful buy and sell trade setups. It works for Bitcoin and any other Cryptocurrency pair … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Trading Strategy

The Bitcoin trading strategy consists of a simple to understand trend-following indicator and a technical oscillator which can be loaded onto the highly popular Metatrader 4 trading platform. This strategy works well for Bitcoin (BTC/USD) scalpers, day traders and swing traders. It can also be … Read more

1 Min Forex Scalping Trading System

Every trader out there needs that one system that allows them get in and out of the market within minutes and in a profitable manner. The 1 min forex scalping trading system is designed to give you quick and powerful entry and exit signals on … Read more

Pin Bar Forex Scalping Strategy

The Pin Bar forex scalping strategy is a single candlestick price action reversal pattern that takes gives you information on levels where price has is tested and rejected. Subsequently, the system is created to identify pin bars at support and resistance levels, so as to … Read more

Trend Line Forex Scalping Strategy

The Trend Line forex scalping strategy provides you with the best possible buy and sell entries in the overall direction of the trend. The strategy consists of trend lines, the stochastic oscillator and a buy and sell forex signals indicator. It’s a great strategy for … Read more

After Hours Forex Scalping Strategy

The After Hours forex scalping strategy is designed to help currency traders take full advantage of the decreased volatility in the market during these sessions. The buying and selling of currency pairs after specific trading hours or during “After Hours” (4:00 pm and 8:00 pm … Read more

Stochastic 1 Min Forex Scalper

The Stochastic 1 Min Forex Scalper allows forex traders pick profits from the market with ease and at short intervals (M1, M5 and M15). This strategy reduces the burden a currency trader would have to face if they have to sit in front of their … Read more

Rainbow Forex Scalping Strategy

Scalping deals a whole lot with the psychological aspect of trading, by eliminating a great amount of emotions that comes with trading. The trader is not expected to monitor his positions that are live in the market for possibly hours. The Rainbow Forex Scalping Strategy … Read more

15 Pip Breakout Forex Scalper Strategy

The 15 Pip Breakout Forex Scalper strategy is an excellent strategy to trade short-term trend reversals. This scalping method consists of a trend line and a few indicators to predict where to buy and to sell in the fast moving currency market. You should be … Read more

GBP/USD Easy 1 Min Forex Scalping System

The GBP/USD Easy 1 Min Forex Scalping system is designed specifically for use on the GBP/USD pair with the ability to scoop profits on small price changes. The strategy allows the quick opening and liquidation of positions in a secure manner that anyone can take … Read more