Buy Sell Pips Forex Trading Strategy

The Buy Sell Pips Forex trading strategy finds new trends and reversal points in the market with the help of the popular Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator. This strategy is particularly suitable for beginners, simplifying the process of recognizing fresh buying and selling signals. Additionally, it … Read more

Forex Power Trend Trading Strategy

The Forex Power Trend trading strategy works for traders with limited knowledge and pros alike, with focus on scanning the currency market for early trend signals and price momentum. Learn how this strategy works: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: ForexOFFTrend.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; CountBars=2147483647, SSP=11), ZZ_YZ_MDAC_ELDER_1-1000.ex4 … Read more

Octopus Arrows Forex Trading Strategy

The Octopus Arrows Forex trading strategy is a well-constructed trading system that complements your trading style by providing precise entry and exit points. Two very simple technical indicator i.e. the Octopus_2.ex4 and Arrows_Signal_BO.ex4 are independent deployed to gauge price reversal and overall market trend respectively. … Read more

Fisher Curves Arrows Forex Trading Strategy

The Fisher Curves Arrows Forex trading strategy is based on the popular Fisher indicator and aims to swiftly identify profitable trends in their early formative stages and detect trend changes. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: lukas1_Arrows_Curves.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; SSP=14), Fisher.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; period=36) Preferred … Read more

Fisher Filled Gator Forex Trading Strategy

The Fisher Filled Gator Forex trading strategy is built to exploit rapid changes in price of any currency pair. It works well with majors, currency crosses and exotic pairs. The combination of the r_Gator.ex4, MA ribbon filled.89.21.ex4 and FBS Fisher.ex4 custom indicators delivers the confidence … Read more

Robby Kijun Exponential MA Forex Trading Strategy

You don’t need to jump into the currency market at every instance, what you need are good entries and exits, which is a function of dedication, articulate planning and the right trading strategy in place. A good trading strategy will match all these indices and … Read more

2-Signal Smoothing Trend Forex Trading Strategy

Trading doesn’t necessarily have to be complex in order to be profitable, but a sustainable trading strategy can come in a simple form, where key components of profit generation and equity protection are the foundations that makes it tick. The 2-Signal Smoothing Trend forex trading … Read more

1-Line Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The 1-Line Trend forex trading strategy is built around 2 trend following indicators and is able to predict the trend of any currency pair accurately. Moreover, it can be used to spot trend reversals, change in market trends and overbought/oversold price conditions. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 … Read more

Momentum Execute Line Forex Trading Strategy

The Momentum Execute Line forex trading strategy is built around the MACD indicator and helps you keep trading at the most profitable trend of any currency pair. It is able to do this by carefully examining price movements in a way that allows it to … Read more

Fratelli Signal Arrows Forex Trading Strategy

Statistics show that 5% of market participants are made up of bank traders, who in turn control over 92% of all forex volumes. This makes it important for anyone who’s willing to succeed in the market to understand how these institutions trade. The Fratelli Signal … Read more