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A collection of the best forex trading strategies for currency traders. Each strategy includes the buy and sell rules, and a free download link!

Double Holt Forex Trading Strategy

Newbies should have no misconceptions – trading currencies online involves pitfalls and costs. There’s need for adequate planning and analysis, along with considerations hinging around the dangers of losing money. We are in the business of simplifying those risks, which is why the Double Holt forex trading strategy focuses on maximizing your wins and overall […]

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SAR HAMA Oscillator Forex Trading Strategy

Often times we find traders “system-hopping” a term that denotes market participants who repeatedly change their trading technique. Traders do this when their current system isn’t offering them the much needed results. The SAR HAMA Oscillator forex trading strategy is designed to help you trade with the most profitable currency trend. It works for any […]

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Double Half Woody Forex Trading Strategy

Many traders fail to achieve good results in the market regardless of its exciting, educational and opportunity filled characteristics. You must approach the market with a clear vision i.e. a good idea of market directions and your plausible actions. These actions should be adequately covered when deploying a trading strategy, as such the Double Half […]

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Norm Pip Signal Forex Trading Strategy

The Norm Pip Signal forex trading strategy is a proven profitable strategy that can be applied to any currency pair and timeframe of your choice. A good combination of technical indicators such as the Gioteen-Norm.ex4, PIPQInd.ex4 and 0T_S_Ra-Signal_Line.ex4 makes it possible to measure volatility, spot price reversal and indicate a new market direction respectively. Chart […]

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Super Bollinger GRC Forex Trading Strategy

The Super Bollinger GRC forex trading strategy follows the primary trend on any currency pair with the help of the 45 exponential moving average technical indicator. The strategy comes loaded with two more amazing technical indicators i.e. the superbollinger band mt4, and GG-RSI-CCI MT4 indicators. Individually, these indicators are used in gauging price volatility and […]

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Trend Power Manager Forex Trading Strategy

If you’re serious about creating a profitable currency trading career, then it’ll be wise for you to keep your eyes fixed on the journey rather than the prize, which certainly remains a motivations for most market participants. The Trend Power Manager forex trading strategy is an emotionally balanced trading strategy that takes you through the […]

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Prime Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The foreign exchange market is interesting and challenging for prospective forex traders and getting the right information before committing your hard earned cash is paramount to your success. The market is clearly not for everyone and equipping yourself with the right tools will definitely put the odds in your favor. The Prime Trend forex trend […]

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