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A collection of the best forex trading strategies for currency traders. Each strategy includes the buy and sell rules, and a free download link!

Optimum Moving Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The Optimum Moving Trend forex trading strategy has a win-rate that far exceeds 50%, and offers a better than 1.335 reward/risk ratio, making it a worthy tool that every trader must have. Indicators such as the i-AMA-Optimum, hull-moving-average, and BSTrend indicators are used in formulating the system, which allow it scan the market for trend, […]

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Holt Smoothing ADX Forex trading Strategy

The Holt Smoothing ADX forex trading strategy is a trend following trading technique that works on higher and also lower time frames. The indicators deployed are the Holt_double_exponential_smoothing_v2.2, a trend seeking indicator and the ADXdon, a modified ADX technical study that also searches for market trends. The subsequent examples will further reveal how just about […]

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Half 1.02 MACD Forex Trading Strategy

The Half 1.02 MACD Forex Trading Strategy is a simple trend following trading strategy that works. Two unique, yet simple technical indicators makes up this system i.e. the MACD, a well know oscillator, teams up with the HalfTrend-1.02 custom indicator (a technical tool used in defining how far a trend will go), to yield a […]

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OBV Activator Fish Forex Trading Strategy

The OBV Activator Fish forex trading strategy is able to forecast future trends and measure bull and bear strengths, predominantly in the short-term and medium term. The Gann HiLo activator Bars, On Balance Volume and FX_Fish technical indicators gives the strategy the fuel it requires to scan the market for profitable entries. It will interest […]

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Supreme Channel Filter Forex Trading Strategy

The Supreme Channel Filter forex trading strategy is designed to enable you manage your trading expectations better and approach every buy and sell forex trade in a well-defined manner. The indicators that make up the strategy are the Commodity Channel Index (oscillator) and Forexprofitsupremefilter (trend) indicators. The CCI indicator does well as either a coincident […]

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Off Gator Oscillator Forex Trading Strategy

The Off Gator Oscillator forex trading strategy uses the Gator oscillator to pinpoint entries and exits in an existing currency trend for any currency pair. The strategy can be used for scalping, day trading and swing trading. Learn the buy and sell trading rules: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: ForexOFFTrend.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; CountBars=300000000, SSP=14, Kmin=0.8), […]

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Relative Arrows Strength Forex Trading Strategy

The Relative Arrows Strength forex trading strategy is a profitable trend following strategy which is made up of 2 free trading indicators. These indicators come in the way of an oscillator (Relative Strength Index) and a custom trend indicator (ArrowsAndCurves), with both delivering a blend that sorts out market overbought and oversold conditions, alongside being […]

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