Aroon Gator Oscillator Forex Trading Strategy

The Aroon Gator Oscillator forex strategy is a low risk buy/sell trading strategy that follows both trend bias and trend direction with the help of two simple to understand technical indicators. It can be applied to any currency pair and for any timeframe. The duo … Read more

Hull Exponential Nina Forex Trading Strategy

The Hull Exponential Nina forex trading strategy is not a holy grail, but keeps your winning trades far above your losses, thus yielding an overall plus for any account, if the rules are rightly followed. The Hull Trend, EMA 36 and aNina forex indicators used … Read more

Kalman Pips Filter Forex Trading Strategy

The Kalman Pips Filter forex trading strategy is a great strategy that is composed of a smoothening trend following indicator and an oscillator. This strategy tends to give less false signals with the help of the Kalman trend following indicator… … and less false signals … Read more

Magic Forecaster Forex Trading Strategy

The market offers some convenient trading sessions, which is obviously dependent on the forex pair that is being traded. There are pairs that are heavily traded at certain times of the day based on the countries that have their floors open for business. For simplicity, … Read more

Flat MUV Trend Forex Trading Strategy

Beginners can easily feel overwhelmed with information and trading strategies when starting off in the forex market. One sure way to limit this or shun it altogether, is to get a sound forex trading strategy. We have laid out our trading strategy for all to … Read more

Free Deviation Bands Forex Trading Strategy

Trading like the pros do might not be an easy task, but it is certainly doable for one who knows the concept behind their success. Undoubtedly, this concept does not entail spending enormous amount of hours staring at the chart until your eyes burn, rather, … Read more

Chanel MACD Scalper Forex Trading Strategy

Most professional forex traders have some of the blankest trading screens. You’ll expect to see their trading screens littered with some of the most advanced technical indicators, but you’ll be disappointed to find the opposite of this. The Chanel MACD Scalper forex trading strategy is … Read more

Synthetic Bands Oscillator Forex Trading Strategy

The Synthetic Bands Oscillator forex trading strategy follows the trend and gives you great trading signals on any currency pair and timeframe. A Bill William’s indicator (Awesome Oscillator) is one of the indicators that makes up this system, owing to its ability to measure price … Read more

Big Candles Index Forex Trading Strategy

The foreign exchange market will burn those that are ill-prepared and reward those that are equipped with the right tools. The Big Candles Index forex trading strategy is a great tool designed to reward market participants who adhere to the easy to understand predefined rules. … Read more

Alligator Forex Trading Strategy

Having the right market timing and good entry/exit levels is the key to successful forex trading. The Alligator Forex Trading Strategy is formulated to give traders the right market entry levels vis-à-vis suitable market timings on any timeframe. Learn how this simple Alligator indicator based … Read more