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Learn simple to use forex trading strategies that work for beginners and advanced traders alike. Learn to buy and sell forex the easy way!

MACD Hull Forex Trading Strategy

The MACD Hull Forex Trading Strategy is made up of the extremely popular MACD indicator and the Hull trend indicator. The Hull indicator gives us trend direction and exit signals while the MACD looks for trade entries. The buy and sell trade setup is pretty simple, yet effective: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Hull Trend.ex4 (Inputs […]

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Klinger Forex Trading Strategy

There’s always an added advantage when you own a trading strategy that allows for quick reaction and less stress. Seeking the most effective strategies that enables you identify trades and sticking to such an approach is good for beginners. The Klinger forex trading strategy offers some of the highest level of simplicity in the form […]

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Norm Ichimoku Forex Trading Strategy

The Norm Ichimoku forex trading strategy is designed to help you achieve more winning trades than losing trades. It contains a simplified version of the popular Ichimoku technical indicator which is very easy to understand for beginners. Let’s get started below: Chart Setup MetaTrader 4 Indicators: Gioteen-Norm.ex4 (Default Setting), Ichimoku.ex4 (Default Setting) Preferred Time Frame(s): […]

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Forex Indicator Trading Strategy

So many online currency traders wish to know the combination of indicators that will serve them best in the market, the answer to this question is relative due to sheer number out there. We took out time to put together a combination of technical studies which proved profitable on all timeframes. The forex indicator trading […]

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3 EMA Forex Signal Trading Strategy

The 3 EMA forex signal trading strategy is designed to help you make the best out of price swings and is composed of multiple exponential moving averages. Let’s take a quick look at how things pan out when deploying our awesome strategy. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: VIDYA.ex4 (Input Variable Modified; period=18, Colors Width Modified; #0=2), […]

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Hyper VMA Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The Hyper VMA Trend forex trading strategy uses volatility and trend direction to generate trading signals on any currency pair and timeframe. It’s perfect for beginners because of its simplicity! Let’s take a closer look below how to get started with this forex strategy in less than 15 minutes: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Var_Mov_Avg.ex4 (Input […]

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